Roofing Systems In Ghana

Many years ago, the only roofing system we had in Ghana were the indigenous roofing made of thatch, sticks and straws. Today, due to globalization, we have transitioned to the usage of long-lasting and innovative roofing systems in Ghana.

In the last 20 years and more, Ghana has progressed from just importing roofing systems to becoming a leading country in the manufacturing of roofing systems. From factories producing right here in Ghana and exporting them to importing rooting systems, today we have multi-faceted roofing industry providing quality solutions for home owners, real estate developers, corporate and institutions.

With a lot of investments in the real estate industry, the roofing industry has become extremely competitive especially in regards to pricing, thus a lot of industry players are compelled to offer unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing. Some of the services offered include but not limited to;

• Free Technical Advice and Estimate

They provide professional estimates and assisting clients with making decisions in relation to product design, colour and thickness based on their budget.

• Quick Production

Almost every company is ready to start work in three-five working day after consultation because of how quick the products are produced. Most manufacturing plants operate 24/7, while those importing stock products very often. This makes them ready to serve at every time.

• Installation by Experts

Installation of roofing system require certain skill sets, so companies invest in training people to install their products. Some of the products come with specific customization that makes it difficult for an untrained person to do the installation. This gives the purchaser the confidence that the right people are providing them with the utmost service. Beyond that, companies also offer installation warranty as a sign of doing an excellent job and to boost customer confidence.

• After Sales Service

Most companies offer free after sales services to customers’ service, once projects are inspected, any complaint is responded to within 24hours

New Trends in the Industry

Having evolved from the usage of thatch and sticks, we have on the current market different types of roofing systems. Due to climate change and our weather conditions in Africa, producers and importers are forced to use new technologies and innovations that can withstand any destructions. They include Aluminum sheets, Aluzinc, Steel Tiles, Stone Chips, and Fibre glass roofing systems in Ghana.

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